Used Ambulance for Sale

You're looking for a replacement ambulance or need a backup vehicle for your fleet, but a tight budget makes acquiring a new emergency vehicle impractical.

Consider a Used Ambulance from Speclin

At Speclin, we put you and your needs first.  We listen, considering your budget and the options that fit your specific application.

A used, or trade-in ambulance could be the answer.  At Speclin, the same team that outfits a new custom ambulance goes over our trade-ins with a fine tooth comb.

We know the condition of every vehicle inside & out!

Contact Speclin today to find our about our reliable, affordably priced, used ambulances.  With our wide customer base, over 25 years experience, and reputation for excellence, we won't steer you wrong.

Used Ambulances for Sale

Things to be concerned about when buying a used ambulance include:

  • Choosing the right type for your needs (Type I, Type II, Type III, etc.)
  • Number of previous owners and owner history.
  • Condition of frame, suspension, and body.
  • Extent of body rust.
  • Age and condition of tires.
  • Reliability of electrical system and emergency lighting.
  • Availability of detailed maintenance records.

Which used ambulance and options are right for you?  Contact Speclin today and one of our accomplished sales professionals will do something you may not be used to, hear and pay attention to your needs.  You'll find that Speclin delivers more than a used ambulance.  We deliver an exceptional relationship and peace-of-mind.

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