Wheelchair Vans

Wheelchair van showing interior

At Speclin, we understand of your need for reliable mobility solutions. First and foremost we listen to you, our customer, and then spare no effort in finding the solution that meets your budget and specifications.

Contact Speclin today to learn more.  We believe mobility and independence go hand in hand.

Mobility Vehicles and Accessories

Full-Size Wheelchair Lift Vans

Speclin offers the best full-size wheelchair lift vans.  Choosing the right vehicle for you is a team effort, and Speclin has the experience to custom outfit your van in a manner that focuses on your needs and your lifestyle.  From ramp or lift to seat position and hand controls, we�ll make it fit like a glove.

The Vision by Viewpoint Mobility

The Vision is North America�s premier wheelchair access minivan.  Unlike side-entry vehicles that require extra side space for wheelchair entry and egress, Vision�s rear-entry design eliminates almost all parking limitations and difficulties.  Safe and convenient for persons with disabilities, traveling with or without an assistant.

Available in both manual or fully automatic operation.

Entervan by Braun

The Braun Corporation has stood out as a pioneer in the mobility industry since 1963, and their Entervan follows in that tradition by offering a new level of freedom.  Wheelchair users may ride in the driver or passenger position, or in the center of the vehicle.

At the touch of a button, the automatic sliding door glides open.  The rear suspension lowers automatically, reducing the slope of the automatic ramp. 

Paratransit Fleet Vehicles

With our experience supplying custom ambulances and fire emergency vehicles to a wide range of Emergency Services, Speclin is well suited to meeting your commercial and fleet needs.  Contact Speclin today to learn more.

Used Wheelchair Vans and Rentals

Trying to find a quality solution on a tight budget?  Speclin also offers used wheelchair vans that our expert maintenance crews have certified ready for service.  We also offer affordable rental options.   Contact Speclin today to learn more.

Vehicle Modifications

You can also turn to Speclin for the installation of hand controls, custom interiors, raised roofs, raised door kits, and automatic door openers.  After all, our experienced teams custom outfit new mobility vehicles, ambulances, and fire/rescue vehicles throughout the year.  We can provide the most expert modifications to yours. Contact Speclin today to learn more. 

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